Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Blogging and Earning

Being a blogger for about three years now, I've thought of exploring the possibility of earning money while spending time in front of the computer. But then I got overwhelmed with all these established sites and people already earning a lot. I came across BLOGGERWAVE, which was launched just last year of March. It's relatively new and is looking for bloggers who want to use their writing skills to earn extra income. For newbies in this area, it's a perfect fit, don't you think?


Jacaranda Flagg said...

bloggerwave? hmmm.. sige, try ko rin to.. hehehe, noobie din ako jan.. dami kong sinasalihan.. hehehe..


rems said...

try ko rin nga ito ms. diosa. baka sakaling yumaman ako heheheh.

racky said...

maganda nga yan, may pakinabang ;)

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