Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Anong meron sa 2008?

Sisimulan nating ang 2008 blogging ng mga predictions. Madali talaga akong maniwala sa mga ganito. Sa magagandang bagay lang. Hehehe. Nakuha ko ito dito:

*Aquarius 2008 Horoscope - General:*

An eventful year will be experienced by Aquarius natives during 2008.
You will find rich gains as well as a new source of income or an enhanced level of gains this year.
Partnership and associations will be very good source of progress in career.
Social life or new relationships could come due to your good networking skills.
The year will open with a phase of high level of mental activity. Mind could remain largely agitated and restless. Aggression could be higher than normal.
You should avoid any sort of argument or harsh decision till 31st January 2008.
Hypertension or blood disorder, chronic sufferers need to be extra caution till 31st January 2008. Stomach related issues could also come till 28th April 2008.
Further there will be a high level of activity in all your house of joint activities, business and marriage.
If married, you could suffer volatile and instable thoughts in marital matters. Temperament of spouse could also be different and unsettled which could make relation strained till 3rd May 2008.
Business, especially in partnership could create issues for you.
Partners will be difficult. New partnership/ association options will come up this year.
It will be useful to avoid any new project till you cross 10th May 2008.
If unmarried, there could be good chances of marriage this year.
Confidence and focus could be disturbed between 18th August 2008 and 21st September 2008.
Avoid major commitments during this time.
You will try to dominate spouse and partners.
It would be better to go about this diplomatically to avoid rows.
The year will bring a higher level of income and gains from career overall. This year will bring a sudden jump in level of your financial status.
You should concentrate on maximizing your gains during this time.
Friends will be a source of happiness this year.
If applicable, good chances of birth/ conception of a child this year.
Period between 10th May 2008 and 8th September 2008 will be best for financial gains as well as children happiness.
Investment will give rich returns this year.
Knowledge and creative work will bring positive returns.
The period beyond 10th December 2008 need to be handled with caution.
Changes or investments after November 2008 commences should be strictly avoided.
Changes/expenses after 10th December 2008 could be made an error. You should remain careful of limit al your monetary exposure after 10th December 2008.
Fixed attitude and temperament of 2007 will continue till the 6th May, 2008. You need to remain careful and flexible to avoid a difficult situation.
A high level of resentment toward spouse could be present when the year opens. This is likely to remain till end April 2008. An improvement will come from 6th May 2008. Beyond May 2008 while your temperament soften up, still there will be a steady rise in wasteful expenses and overheads.
Expenses will tend to neutralize the gains, unless you are reasonable in the expenses you commit.
A tendency to move away from spiritual thought pattern will also be experienced. You should consciously be God fearing this year.
Home events and luck patterns could be low profile between May and mid July.
Mental activity and finances could be erratic during February, June and October.
Mostly 2008 will see rich gains. You will however be able to reap benefits only if you are careful and hold your expenses down.
Any forms of speculation or risk in money matters has to be guarded against.
Parang panalo noh? Ilang beses nabanggit yung financial gains? Hahaha!!! Winner!


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